AU Press Release: Reinventing the Museum Experience in the Digital Age

American University Media Relations profiled Maggie’s innovative use of immersive media technologies to produce museum exhibits that help bring to life the stories behind the artifacts:

. . . [I]mmersive storytelling experiences transport the visitor to a different time and place, engage them with the sights and sounds of the era, and contextualize the artifacts in an interactive learning environment.

‘Culture is all about our human stories,’ said Stogner. ‘It is how we, as humans, share who we are, what we believe in, what we fear or love, what we hope for, how we live. We have communicated our culture though multimedia storytelling from the earliest cave drawings and stories around the fire pit. Immersive media technologies are an evolving means to tell and share those stories.’

. . . [I]mmersive exhibits appeal to an ever increasing ethnically diverse crowd, and to older visitors. Integrated multimedia exhibits can provide a more effective educational experience to persons with visual or hearing impairments when compared to traditional text labels and tour guides.

‘Today’s new media technologies have tremendous potential to enliven and give meaning to ancient cultures and historical events of the past,’ said Stogner, ‘but they must be used with a strong commitment to content research and quality.’

Source: Reinventing the Museum Experience in the Digital Age

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