Indiana Jones a Unique Museum Experience

Inside the Magic usually only reports on the most entertaining Disney and theme park news and information. But recently a writer for Inside the Magic broke the mold in order to praise the groundbreaking interactive museum experience of Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology. Jeremiah Daws writes that the exhibition, “incorporates technology into a museum experience in a manner that makes anyone want to don a fedora and search for hidden treasures.” [LINK]

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology uses the iconic movies and its characters to propel visitors into the real world of archaeology. The exhibition provides a completely innovative interactive museum experience in which a collection of props, models, and designs from the Indiana Jones films introduce viewers to real-world artifacts. Blue Bear Films wrote, directed, and produced the exhibition welcome with Harrison Ford as well as the four documentary films that tell the story of real archaeology throughout the exhibition.

Daws continues to say,

the exhibit also introduces the history of real archeology, featuring actual relics and pictures of the men that the Indiana Jones character was based on. The exhibit is split roughly half between the movies and reality, with just enough Hollywood to keep movie buffs interested but also enough science to spark a desire to know more about archeology.

Clearly this new interactive style is attractive to young and old alike and has the power to reshape the museum experience as we know it.

The Full Article

Inside the Indiana Jones Exhibition


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