Indiana Jones Exhibit excites audiences in Fort Worth

Visitors to Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History are buzzing about exhibition!

Joy Tipping of the Dallas Morning News raved about her recent experience, saying the exhibit “did a bang-up job” and would appeal to visitors of all ages. She especially enjoyed the immersive aspects of the exhibition, that were produced by Blue Bear Films. She writes of her experience,

It’s an immersive, interactive experience, made all the more thrilling by the audio introduction from Harrison Ford, the actor who plays Indy, and “personal video companions” — small tabletlike devices that let you hear explanations as you go along, at your command, and also take part in an interactive “quest” of your own.

To read the rest of Joy Tipping’s review, visit the Dallas Morning News.


Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology will be on view at theFort Worth Museum of Science and History until August 10, 2014.

For visiting information see the exhibit’s website:

Inside the Indiana Jones Exhibition

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